Monday, October 31, 2011 Oh, you've probably never heard of it. It's sooo hipster.

Hipster; n. Usually someone in college or fresh out of college until about their late twenties who enjoys indie music, a good cup of coffee or tea, grocery shopping at an organic store and vintage clothe shopping. Also enjoys local acoustic band shows, and enjoys indie flicks or foreign films with subtitles. They are snobbish about their music and political affiliations, and enjoy reading books. They enjoy traveling and culture in general (Urban Dictionary).

I’ve been in denial for quite awhile about my overpowering hipster-dom, which is half the reason I don’t post here as much as I wish. Just because I wear glasses, dye my hair, wear plaid and vintage boots, have an “old lady” dress collection, listen to music about the Fermi Paradox, and have a thrift store fashion blog does not mean that I’m a hipster.

Yes it does.

Looking for an apartment on, however, is just what I needed to realize my hipster-ific ways. A townhouse near my college with rooms I can rent out? Far too mainstream. An apartment WITHOUT exposed duct work and run down Quartz walls? Come on, I have standards. Those standards completely line up with a loft in the middle of downtown Sioux Falls, my hometown.

First of all, what could be more ideal than my home town? I know where everything is, I’m only a 30 minute drive (or a 2 hour bike ride for us hipsters who wish to save the environment) from my family and the Starbucks employees already know my order. Not only if this loft in the perfect city it is also in the perfect location. I love downtown with every fiber of my being, almost as much as I love half-off days at Savers. It has history chipped into every brick of every building. Cute coffee shops, quirky toy stores and indie bakeries are all within walking distance, and my possible future college and local health food co-op are within biking distance. There are also a uniquely cool mini mall across the street. I mean, seriously, there’s a thrift store across the bridge. Not only that, but there’s a farmer’s market across the street on Saturdays and a farmer’s market at the cities namesake (the falls, very creative there, founders) a block away from the loft. This place is in a dress wearing, organic food eating, bike-riders dream location.

Now, if that’s not enough, let’s venture inside the apartment (or flat, if you’re a BBC addict like myself). Bricks, exposed duct work, stained concrete floors scratched with age-old knowledge and natural lighting makes me a very happy fashion blogger. Places to take outfit photos so I can pretend that I have what it takes to be a model! Outlandish green walls! I almost had a wanna-be interior designer heart attack! I kid you not when I say my breath literally caught in my chest when I saw the bedroom (pictured below). I could imagine my vintage dresses hanging in the walk in closet, oxfords lining the floor and my boyfriend’s confused stare as I slide around the floor in my socks channeling Tom Cruise.

Roommates? Who needs roommates when you have a Doctor Who cardboard cutout?

Friday, December 31, 2010

Success ( and Happy New Year! )

This time last year I started this little blog to keep track off my New Year resolutions. It was going quite well until I realized, three days later, that there was no way I was going to keep this up everyday. So, that plan went on the back burner and this became a personal/wanna be fashion blog that gets forgotten every now and then. I, however, did not forget about the gigantic list completely. I found it recently and was surprised at the amount of things I got done without following the list.

* I now own a couple of poetry books (not a whole COLLECTION, mind you, but still)
* Dan and I cleaned and organized my bookshelf
* I finally got school in semi-order
* I watched a black and white film, and a foreign film
* Dan and I had a Disney movie marathon
* I made something for someone which then was framed (two-in-one!)

I mean, out of a list of almost 100, it's not too great, but I realized something this year. I should be more concerned about my attitude and how I feel about my environment than my accomplishments. This year I don't want to have this giant list of "To-do", I want a list of "To-Think." I won't need a list of things to do if I take every opportunity handed to me instead of being scared. I will remember to never hate because no one deserves hatred. Not one person is a "horrible person." I will remember to always forgive and forget because it could be the last time you see each other. Generally, I just want to send out a more positive vibe this year.

Happy, happy new year everyone.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Today I read a post at elegantly wasted and it got me thinking about how I'm not really blogging how I feel, I'm more just being a "typical blogger" with my tea theme and outfit posts and apologizing for not posting. So, I need to tell you something.

I don't like tea.

When I started this blog almost a year ago it was about trying new things. I created a giant list of tasks I wanted to get done this year and most of them didn't get done. It was far too many items and I had to many "do this every single day and you can never skip a day ever" kind of things on it. Drinking more tea than coffee was on the list. I failed, big time. I'm completely addicted to coffee and drink one to three cups a day. I tried tea, I really did, but it was just the Keurig cup kind and I'm sure it's not as good as "real" tea. I just don't like the taste.

So, this right here is not a lovely little fashion blog about tea. This is a story about trying new things, failing at them but not caring because sometime we succeed and that is what we should use out time thinking about.

(This post doesn't have a picture and I know most people skim the writing and stare of the pictures. I ,however, like writing, more than photos. I love writing, it's been my passion since I could write. I'm pretty sure that's why I started blogging, not to post pictures that I didn't even take. Even though I stopped posting in my art blog so a huge number of graphics will be pouring in here. aw well.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Particularly good finders.

I have far too much fun with this website. Have a polyvore? Comment with your username!


The play is over, I finally have a break! I can start being a hard-core blogger! So, to celebrate my return to blogger done I've updated my entire layout and created some buttons to make myself a bit more professional.

Speaking of those buttons, I would like to fancy up my sidebar with yours! Post a comment on this post and I'll put your button up. You don't have to take one of mine, but I would appreciate it.

I also have acquired a terrible addiction to tumblr and if anyone has a cure I would adore you :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I swear, if I had an income...

I'd buy out this Etsy store. Seriously, I just found it and I'm freaking out.

Who has coffee and a chocolate chip scone every other Saturday? Oh yeah, I do! So cute!

I don't think this one needs words.

This would defiantly restore my normality :D

I love that these rings would make fall a little more playful as it heads into the harsh winter.

Now please, go out and buy up the shop so I don't spend money I don't have.

All photos via SouZouCreations etsy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall is Offically Here

Which means brand spankin' new boots!

I didn't plan on falling in love this afternoon, but it happened. It was like in the movies when the girl doesn't see the guy until she bumps into him in the lobby of the office she had worked at for five years. I've never bought shoes from a thift store, it seemed so gross...until I see these babies.

I remember wanting a pair like these in elementary school when I used to play with Bratz. One had these boots but in miniaturized...and now I have accomplished my dream! For only $3! Which explains a whole post about one pair of shoes.

Oh, look who came to see me take pictures! He even poised!

On another note, my internet only works at 1 am to about 5 am. I wish I was kidding.