Friday, January 1, 2010

Spellbinding (or not so spellbinding) Lists

Here is a list.
It's a touch more morbid then the one I'm going to show you.
It still has significance.
Chose to think to the right, it's where you live, because truthfully, in all cliche honesty, living is much more spellbinding than dying.
And spellbinding is an amusing word.
Photo from Weheartit.

It's 2010 and I welcome it with open arms, even if it didn't get off to the most productive start. Now is the time where most people would explain that they want to join a gym this year and that's the entirety of their new year's resolutions.That's not me. I need to plan out my entire year, what I'm going to do, how many times, etc. I need deadlines and I need to share it with someone. Which is where this *flaps around a bit* comes in. I never keep up with blogs. Ever. I sometimes make them and never make a mark in them. Poor things, rotting away, being filled with mildew and being chewed on by mice. A shame really.

As you can hopefully see, I have a bit...longer list, including keeping up with blog/art journal at least once a day. Yeah, /at least/. I spam. A lot. This list will be updated constantly throughout the year as I think of more things and I grow as a person.

I promise to do everything on this list before 12/31/10.
I. Writing
-Finish one script (0/1)
-Finish a short story(0/1)
-Write one poem every week(0/52)
-Write one non-school essay every month(0/12)
-Write one full song (0/1)
-Participate in NaNoWriMo (0/50,000)
-Let myself write crappy fan fiction (0/1)
-Write in EITHER a blog or my art journal every single day (0/365)
-Read 10 books from my childhood (0/10)

II. Reading
-Read 50 books or more (0/50)
-Record and review each on GoodReads (0/50)
-Actually try to read 10 graphic novels (0/10)
-Own a collection of poetry books (0/5)
-Organize book shelf (0/1)
-Read all of my current comic books (0/4)
-Read at least 5 unread books on my book shelf (0/5)

III. Social Life
-Get one
-Respond to everyone who messages me (1/?)
-Make five new girlie friends and keep them (0/5)
-Talk to 20 new people (0/20)
-Get invited and go to one real party (0/1)
-Get a pen pal (0/1)
-Do something insanely cheesy for Dan once a month (0/12)

IV. Health&Beauty
-Lose 30 lbs (0/30)
-Wear makeup five times a week (0/260)
-Ride my bike at least once a week once summer starts (0/?)
-Thrift at least $20 worth of clothes/jewelry (0/20)
-Design my “new look” and wear it (0/1)
-Stop biting nails for x consecutive days (0/10)
-Drink tea instead of coffee for 10days (0/10)

V. The Search For Enlightenment
-Set a timer and only stay online for under 2 hours a day (0/365)
-Print out Rules Of Life and pin it somewhere in my room (0/1)
-Get 50 hours of SALSA time (?/50)
-Learn how to mediate and then DO IT (0/2)
-Learn how to actually cook (0/1)
-Spend a week reading about Greek myths (0/7)
-Spend a week learning about cameras (0/7)
-Learn one interesting thing a day (1/365)
-Use a planner once a week (0/52)
-Go to bed before 11 everyday (0/364) (New year’s doesn’t count)
-Drivers Ed (0/1)
-Participate in “You are Beautiful” (0/1)
-Figure out school with counselor (0/1)
-Get a job (0/1)
-Keep money together and learn how to handle it (0/?)
-Audition for a talent show (0/1)
-Get into finals for OI (0/1)
-Donate $10 for every goal not done (0/?)
-Do something fun for every goal completed (0/?)

VI. Entertainment
-Watch a silent black&white film (0/1)
-Watch a foreign film (0/1)
-Watch The OC in it’s entirety (0/92)
-Watch Star Trek: The Original Series (0/79)
-Listen to one new artist a day, going in alphabetical order (1/365)
-Listen to every single Beatles song ever (2/100ish)
-Have a Disney movie marathon with anyone who’s willing (0/1)

VII. Creative Gal
-Take pictures everyday (0/365)
-Upload every single picture every day (0/365)
-Clean off art table (0/1)
-Do as many projects as possible (0/?)
-Make something, then frame it (0/1)
-Compile all of my favorite quotes into one book (0/1)
-Make something for someone (0/1)
-Master the Mix CD (0/1)
-Leave a Mix around town for someone to find (0/1)
-Learn how to play piano (0/?)
-Go downtown and ask a stranger to be a model (0/1)
-Do a cheesy photo shoot with Dan(0/1)

-Draw once a week and scan them all in, no matter how horrible they are, each month(0/52) & (0/12)

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