Friday, August 13, 2010

Dress like a Gleek

I love Glee. It's one of my all-time favorite shows because it's whimsy yet real, charming yet over the top and has adorable fashion sense...and I'm a choir nerd. So, when I heard about Macys new Glee fashion line coming out this weekend I was ecstatic. However,googling lead to disappointment. Rachel and Emma have this amazing style and from what I understood from E! news this fashion line was suppose to be inspired by the characters. But it turns out, it's just graphic tees made out of that crappy shiny material. Ick. Not only that, but they don't have a whole lot to do with the show. I would love a tee shirt with maybe a saying from the show or something...but the ones that I found are more music related and look like things sold at Walmart.

I did hear there will be hoodies and such which I am looking forward to. Oh, and I will be going to the store to see them in real life because I can't fully bash them without seeing the clothes in real life. Also, these are marketed to tweens and will be bought up on the spot so I think it's a great marketing strategy. I just wish since Glee is set in high school it would be marketed to teens and young adults and not tweens.

I do like these quite a lot. A glimmer of hope! Over all, the glee clothing line is not what I excepted but I'm very curious about it.

( All images from JSYK)

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  1. A tshirt with some of the most memorable lines from the show would be such a good idea!! clothes inspired by rachels and emmas style would be such a good idea honestly that is what i thought the line would be like to!! I really like the plain white tshirt with glee on it but the other ones??? not so much.