Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hail Poetry

All I want to do right now
Is lay with you
Like we did last night.
My eyes closed, hand on your chest
Holding you as close as you can get
And fall asleep
In your arms.
-Pink Taylor
This poem says pretty much what I want to say everyday.

I've recently gotten into poetry and I highly dislike my new passion. Teenagers who read poetry seem to only read it to show how deep and meaningful their life is and write it to express how dark their life really is. Hell, writing poetry is like a call for help at my high school. This past school year I threw myself into Oral Interpretation and I landed in the poetry section and more or less fell in love. Gahh.

Besides dramatic readings I've do I say this...dabbled in writing some. I highly doubt any of mine are a secret cry for help, however.

A letter for you-know-who
Dear You,
I would be sad if you died
I would cry.
I just don’t wish to see you that terribly often.
I can bear you,
But only in small quantities.
Like chocolate, but entirely unlike chocolate
At the same time. I like
Chocolate. I like you too
Of course. Just less than chocolate.
More like cottage cheese, it’s
Tasty for a while but after three
Bowls full it starts to get this weird texture
Going and kind of gags you and then causes
Explosive diarrhea.

I don't even know, man.

Oh, and it's Easter. I had a lovely Easter...too much food though. Maybe a run tomorrow? Doubtful, tomorrows the last day of Spring Break. Joy.

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